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1001 Hottest Free Stuff You Can
Get For Kids and Adults!
A New Jam-Packed Book Filled with Tons of Free Things You Can Get Today.
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Over 1,000 free things for the whole family...
This book describes hundreds of valuable items, free offers, books and a huge list of other free stuff that are available -- FREE for the asking.
Over 1,000 valuable FREE items can be yours... simply by writing and asking. This amazing book pictures and describes all the free offers and gives the addresses where you can write for them. It's that easy! Free items include: Beauty Aids, Pet Care Books, Vitamins, Decorating Ideas, Baby Products, Cold Remedies, T.V. Show Tickets, School Supplies, Arts and Crafts Items, Colorful Decals, and many more valuable items.
Updated Edition, Bounded Paperback Book
1001 Hottest Free Stuff You Can Get For Kids and Adults! - Price: $9.95
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